Oxford Bilingual Journey training and support services will help you from the very beginning, step by step, with a plan to support teachers as they develop students’ bilingual skills:

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Inclusion in the bilingual classroom: 1st term

Motivating students and helping them to succeed is a constant challenge, one which is made even more complex with mixed ability classes. How can we effectively navigate this while managing different levels, abilities, and needs?

Our Masterclass offers strategies and techniques to implement sustainable inclusion in the classroom.

Making the most of a language assistant: 1st term

Techniques and strategies to optimise working with a language assistant; reflecting on various possible teaching models as well as the potential to charge educational paradigms and teaching practice.

Assessment in CLIL: 2nd term

What characterizes assessment models in CLIL? Strategies for formal and informal assessment. Review of assessment tools and the creation of rubrics.

Scaffolding learning: 3rd term

How can we use scaffolding to help our learners be better able to complete tasks? In CLIL, teachers need to think about scaffolding both language and content.

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First steps into CLIL: What is CLIL? The language of CLIL

Going further with CLIL: Developing 21st century skills through CLIL