Oxford Bilingual Journey

The NEW Oxford Bilingual Journey for Secondary brings English language and content in English together through a cross-curricular approach. By providing support for bilingual coordinators, language and content teachers, the Oxford Bilingual Journey 2020-2021 assists schools on their path to bilingualism.


Take a look at the different options presented below and discover how our English titles combine perfectly with GENiOX CORE.

Discover our course combinations!

Available for Andalusia and Murcia in 2020-21

Energize and GENiOX CORE:

Biology & Geology, Geography & History, Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry, Technology


Dynamic and GENiOX CORE:

Biology & Geology, Geography & History, Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry, Technology


Solutions 3rd Ed. and GENiOX CORE:

Biology & Geology, Geography & History, Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry, Technology


How does it work?

When you choose one of Oxford’s ELT titles and at least one title from the GeniOx series, you will get access to:

  • Secondary Coordination Kit: A toolkit to support the coordinator, including tables of content for each term, and extra cross-curricular projects with guidance.
  • Teacher Training programme: An online teacher training programme that gives teachers, coordinators, and schools practical ideas to help them on their path to bilingualism.

What is the Secondary Coordination Kit?

The Secondary Coordination Kit makes coordinating and planning content across the curriculum easier thanks to user-friendly tables designed by Oxford. These tables make the content for English titles (Dynamic, Energize, and Solutions 3ed) and CLIL (Geography and History, Biology and Geology, Physics and Chemistry, Technology and Mathematics) available at a glance.

This makes the coordinator’s job easier, by saving time and facilitating collaboration between departments.

The Secondary Coordination Kit also includes 3 cross-curricular projects that can be carried out throughout the year, providing students with the opportunity to increase their creativity and critical thinking skills in real world contexts – and providing teachers with ready-to-use material to fit their needs.

What does the Teacher Training programme include?

The Oxford Bilingual Journey’s Training Programme will provide you with the tools, techniques, and strategies necessary to successfully implement your school’s bilingual programme, as well as invaluable advice on supporting and assessing your students.

Secondary bilingual coordinators will find specific material to help monitor the development of their bilingual programmes, through effective coordination, planning, and communication; vital elements when teaching subject content through another language.

The Training Programme offers content in a variety of formats: videos, podcasts and webinars, all of which are accessible from the Teacher Training Area on Oxford Premium.

Ready to start your Oxford bilingual Journey?