Archie’s World and My Little CLIL World

Archie’s World and My Little CLIL World allow Pre-Primary  teachers to tailor their teaching according to their students’ needs.


Every day is a new adventure!

Play, learn, and explore a world where toys come to life with Archie and his friends!

Archie’s World provides a new approach to flexibility to adapt to all classroom situations; however you teach and whatever your individual class needs are.


Your jump-start to bilingualism

Children’s questions about the world are at the heart of My Little CLIL World, sparking students’ curiosity and making every project unique.


Unique project-driven design

Project-driven approach

Fun, engaging projects follow the curriculum while also including room for creativity

Play, learn and have fun in English!

Inspire imagination, curiosity, and critical thinking

Multiple discovery paths — all centred on enquiry-based learning — offer different ways of carrying out the projects

More classroom resources than ever before!

Motivating materials and resources

Holistic approach promotes deep understanding of both language and content areas

A new approach to flexibility

Flexibility and guidance

The perfect combination of flexibility and guidance

Check back soon to discover even more paths for Pre-Primary learners.

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